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Over 43 years L2 Media's parent company, L2, Inc. has worked with tens of thousands of campaigns providing best-in-class enhanced voter data. Through L2 Media you can activate our data seamlessly through digital advertising, social media and email campaigns. 



L2 emails are a powerful way to reach potential voters or consumers. After going through a multi-stage verification process, you can use these emails for direct outreach or build custom audiences for direct upload into platforms like Facebook or Google Adwords.


Rent or Own?

L2 emails can be purchased or rented from L2.  If you have a known and targeted universe that you expect to contact repeatedly, owning the emails will make sense, but if you are prospecting or expect to contact different audiences at different times, renting will lower your costs dramatically.  


  • Select your universe through L2 VoterMapping or by telling your L2 rep which area/demographic/consumer selections you'd like. We’ll match cleaned and verified email addresses to between 25% and 35% of that audience for either sale or rental.
  • If you choose to own, we will deliver your email list within 3-4 days of the request date.  If you're renting we will inform when your list is ready to be deployed, that process also takes 3-4 days. 
  • While the list is being prepared build your creative either using a professional design service or through a free web-based email editor.
  • You will also be asked to fill out a quick and easy web-based form to provide one of our email managers with the details of the campaign including deployment dates/times, subject lines, who it's from, and other relevant information.
  • Consultation is provided at no additional cost. We will walk you through the entire process providing a step-by-step guide to ensure that you have the most effective deployment. 
  • Reporting is delivered 24 hours after the send and a final report will be delivered 48 hours after the deployment.
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Purchase Email lists

Collected from a variety of premier 'opt-in' sources, L2's email lists give your organization  a phenomenal building block on which to build your email targeting and outreach.

  • All of L2's emails are from 'opt-in' sources
  • Emails go through an SMTP 'handshake' ensuring 90%+ deliverability
  • Attach emails to any targeted voter selection
  • Email to voter data match rate is 25% to 35%
  • You have the option to purchase the emails with unlimited usage or rent the emails and deploy through L2 Media
  • Emails go through a multi-stage verification process 

There are advantages and disadvantages to renting or buying emails through L2.  The advantage of renting L2 emails is not only the lower upfront cost but the fact that these commercial email addresses will be delivered professionally through L2’s enterprise-level deployment platform.  

Purchasers of email addresses will find that professional deployment is necessary and that the use of popular do-it-yourself web-based deployment platforms will have poor results.  Those platforms are designed solely for small deployments of email lists that are not commercially-purchased.

Facebook Targeting & Execution

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Use Your eXiSting l2 List

If you're already an L2 customer and have purchased a list with name, address and phone numbers you can upload some or all of that data as a custom audience directly into Facebook's advertiser interface.  The L2 to Facebook match rate using just name, physical address and phone is 60%-80%. If you have emails attached to your file the overall match rate climbs to 90%+.   The best part is there is no additional cost to you because you've already purchased the data.

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Use the l2 facebook format

The highest match rates from the L2 voter file to Facebook come when your file has L2 email addresses matched. We've made the process both simple and low cost...

  • Select the voters you'd like to target either through VoterMapping or by speaking with an L2 representative.
  • Purchase data for a fraction of the cost of owning L2 data with emails.
  • We'll send you a file with all of the necessary personally identifiable information including name, address, phone number(s), and email addresses to give you the highest possible match rate. 

Texting with L2

We keep the process and pricing extremely simple - you provide us with the message and pick the audience, we take care of the rest. Over 90% of text messages are read within 5 minutes.

Write your message

Choose your goal (voter ID, get out the vote, donations etc)…then write. You have 320 characters to get your message across (SMS).

pick your universe

Select from L2’s hundreds of fields of voter, consumer, donor, demographic and other data. Or just keep it simple and text every voter in your district.

we send and respond

Once you fill out our easy form, tell us when you want your text(s) to go out and we handle sending and replying! We send you a full report within 24 hours of the texts being sent.


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Bruce Willsie

Bruce Willsie is the CEO of L2, the nation’s leading political data processing and technology firm and the primary commercial source for voter data used by members of Congress, numerous state legislatures and campaigns across the country.

Born and raised in the state of Washington, Bruce is an attorney and former nuclear power plant operator onboard a submarine in the U.S. Navy.

A graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School, Bruce came to L2 in 1990 after a short stint as a Seattle attorney specializing in high tech contracting and business litigation.


Paul Westcott

Paul Westcott

Paul Westcott is L2’s Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Prior to joining L2 Paul worked for NBC News, Fox News Channel and most recently Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. At Clear Channel Paul started as a Senior Digital Editor creating and managing editorial content on over 850 radio station websites. 

Prior to Clear Channel Paul was an Assignment Editor for NBC News covering all of the network’s news properties including the Today Show, MSNBC, Meet the Press and Nightly News. 

Paul attended Fordham University and has both a BA and MA in Political Science with a focus on campaigns and elections management.